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The volunteers of the Shirley Fire Department work hard to provide fire and emergency
medical services to the community. Our staff of twenty-five dedicate time to training,
preparing, and responding to your calls.
Our department responded to three hundred and five calls in 2021. Forty-five fire
related calls and two hundred and sixty medical-related calls. As you can see Emergency
Medical calls are more frequent. Since we started an ambulance program in 2006 our
run totals have steadily climbed.
The dedication of your neighbors has allowed us to achieve an Insurance Services
Organization (ISO) rating of 4. The grading starts at 10 for not meeting the standards to
a best score of 1. Scores are graded by looking at training records, apparatus and
equipment, manpower availability, water supply, and having equipment tested and
proven to be ready year after year.
What does that mean to our community? Not only are we better prepared to mitigate
your emergency, homeowners insurance companies use this score to calculate your rate
for homeowners and commercial building insurance. This can save hundreds of dollars
each year for proprty owners. Our score is comparable to many larger communities in
the area.
We are always looking to upgrade equipment and knowledge to help us serve you
better. We work hard to bring things to our community saving money and enhancing
our abilities. Working with the Shirley Town Council, Brown and Greensboro Townships,
Hancock and Henry Counties, hosting fundraisers, and applying for local grant funds we
are able to provide funds to provide equipment and training we use to serve those that
call in their time of need.
Each November we start our area toy drive. These toys are distributed through Eastern
Hancock and Knightstown Cheer Guild to families that need help during the Christmas
One thing we are always looking for is a chance to add more of our neighbors to the fire
family. WE NEED YOU! Without volunteers we cannot respond. We need community
members to be part of the department so we can protect the ones we care about.
Contact a firefighter to find out how you can be part of this group of dedicated local
public servants!
Follow us on Facebook, stop in at the fire station when the doors are up, or email us at

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